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Two worlds, one drive: Porsche and the hip-hop phenomenon

Back to Tape

In addition to two documentaries, atravel and cultural guide to European hip-hop has been created, showing how a shared culture-based value system can build bridges that span all kinds of barriers, including language. German rap legend Kool Savas shares the same spirit, noting tolerance as an essential component of hip-hop.

Pioneering spirit, quality and respect

In the latest episode of the 9:11 podcast, Porsche’s Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics, Sebastian Rudolph, is joined by Kool Savas and Niko Backspin as they explore the shared values of hip-hop and Porsche: pioneering spirit, quality and respect. Savas is also the face of the Berlin episode of ‘Back 2 Tape’ as well as being a proud Porsche owner and fan. “I often compare what I do with what Porsche stands for: quality,” says the MC.

The pioneering spirit of both worlds drives him: “Just like Porsche created a completely new kind of sports car that didn’t exist before, the hip-hop world was also created as a new space for art and culture,” says the Hamburg-based journalist. And that’s not the only thing these seemingly separate worlds have in common: on Porsche’s podcast, Kool Savas talks about his interests – music, art and the chance to create something new. He and Niko Backspin were able to explore these same passions in Porsche’s upholstery workshop, which they visited for the podcast: “It’s fascinating – there’s so much attention to detail there.”

Hip-Hop culture in Europe: Back 2 Tape

On the podcast, hip-hop expert Niko Backspin takes listeners with him on his trip, where the journey is the destination itself. It’s a road trip that not only illuminates just how multifaceted this global youth culture is, but also shows that hip-hop fans all over the world speak the same language. The project is an invitation to openly embrace European hip-hop culture with all its diversity.

Who recognises the sounds of Porsche?

As in music, sound plays a very special role in this episode of the 9:11 Porsche Podcast. Tasked with taking part in a quiz, the two guests have to match engine sounds to the correct Porsche models. Find out by listening to the latest episode – available now, free, on all podcast platforms.


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