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Porsche in Paradise

Life’s a beach for the enviable islanders of PCA Hawaii.

With its sprawling capital Honolulu and famous Pearl Harbour marine base, the island of Oahu is the economic and cultural centre of Hawaii. But move away from the bustling south, and as members of Porsche Club of America’s local fraternity will attest, it’s also something of a haven for drivers.

And when dusk falls, the H-3 highway over the Ko’olau Mountains becomes a place of pilgrimage for Porsche fans. A meeting of local enthusiasts took place to set up a club in the autumn of 1958 – almost one year before the island group became the 50th US state. Rufus Longmeyer, the proud owner of a brand-new 356 Super Coupé, issued an invitation to his villa on Kalama Beach and 11 participants drove to that first meeting in a variety of cars, including four Speedsters and a 550 Spyder.

Back then there was a Volkswagen dealer in Honolulu who took care of the small number of Porsche drivers on the island. He then had it shipped to New York after first touring round Germany and drove the car the whole way to Los Angeles before shipping it once again on the final leg to Honolulu.

“The Porsche 912 has been owned by my family for almost 50 years,” Merino explains. Info Text first published in the Porsche Klassik Magazine, No. 19.

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