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Casey: “Being the hunted is a nice position to be in”

An interview with the Porsche Brand Ambassador Paul Casey ahead of the Porsche European Open.

Paul Casey is travelling to Hamburg for the Porsche European Open as the title holder. In an interview with the Porsche Newsroom, the three-time Ryder Cup champion speaks of the lessons he has learned from the challenging times, the reasons behind his very successful year on the Tour, his pleasure at being able to tee off again in front of spectators – and the mission to defend his title at the Porsche European Open, which will be played on the Porsche Nord Course near to Hamburg from 5 to 7 June.

Paul Casey, after winning the 2019 Porsche European Open, you always spoke of it as being a special victory. Why?

And this tournament has an incredible history. It’s one of the big events on the European Tour and the European Open’s roll of honour includes golf’s who’s who. As a kid at the start of the 1990s, I carried a scoreboard around at the European Open in England when it was played in Walton Heath.

What is more difficult, winning a title or defending it?

Casey: Defending them is a whole lot of fun, but it has never really worked out up until now. Interestingly, I’m under less pressure as the title holder because I don’t have to prove anything anymore. It’s something that no longer comes into the equation at the Porsche European Open, which means I’m really looking forward to defending the title.

Your year has been pretty successful up until now. Victory in Dubai, top placings at the majors and in a number of other tournaments. Where does the consistency come from?

Casey: My bag has contained a new driver since the start of the year. I’m now teeing off better than I’ve done in the last ten years. And confidence leads to a secure swing, a snowball effect.

When placing fourth at PGA Championship, you watched Phil Mickelson’s win from close up. What lessons have you learned from the year’s second major? Casey: For me at the age of 43, Phil Mickelson at over 50 really is an inspiration. As for Phil, I think two things have been important. He has remained injury-free.

Golf star Paul Casey on fulfilling his dreams

As a child, Paul Casey pictured himself in a Porsche poster.

How does one conserve the passion for the sport over decades?

Casey: For me it’s important to have other passions. At the same time, your other passions should not take up too much of your time. It’s about finding a balance, and everybody is different.

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