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Norse power: from boxer to battery

Meet the Norwegian couple whose garage bookends the Porsche story.

Martin and Ann-Mari Sundvoll-Noreng have a shared loved of air-cooled classics. But their most recent acquisition – and their first ever new car purchase – has started a new chapter for the Porsche-loving Norwegians. At home in the town of Ski, a 20-minute drive south of Oslo, the Sundvoll-Noreng garage reveals a heavily patinated 1959 356 Coupé alongside a gleaming new Taycan 4S.

Like so many enthusiasts, graphic designer Martin’s entry point into the world of Porsche actually came via the more humble and affordable Volkswagens of the era. “The first one I bought was a 1966 Volkswagen bus, followed by a Beetle,” he recalls today. And it was that car that got me looking at both the 356 and early 911. Initially I really wanted a 356 but couldn’t afford one, so I bought a Speedster replica based on a VW chassis. Prices for the real cars were still going up and up, however, so the first Porsche I bought was a 911T, which I found on eBay in the US. It needed a lot of work, much of which I undertook myself, and it’s in great shape now.

The 911 became a permanent fixture of the Sundvoll-Noreng household, but Martin still hankered after the 356 that had originally piqued his interest all those years ago.

Most tend to have their cars on trailers, tow them to meets and just onload them for a while then load them back on. They don’t really use their cars. But I feel like you have to drive them. That’s the Porsche way!

It’s a great philosophy, but one that presents a problem when, as the Sundvoll-Norengs did, you discover you’re going to have a baby. Happily, in a country where more than 50 per cent of cars on the roads are electric, the Sundvoll-Norengs were already well on their way to Taycan ownership.

The Taycan 4S became the new daily driver

“We started thinking about buying one the moment we saw the first images,” says Martin. “The more we saw and read, the more we wanted one. So we were pretty early on the waiting list.” After a two-year wait, their Carrara White Metallic Taycan 4S was finally ready for collection at Porsche Centre Oslo and instantly became the new daily driver. “But now, I always take it.”

“It’s quite special to have the original Porsche and the latest model side by side in our garage,” he says. They couldn’t be more different – one famously simple, the other incredibly advanced. The contrast is huge, but you can still feel that connection between the two when you drive them together. That Porsche spirit.

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