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Jean Todt: “Motorsport is a freedom we need to preserve”

Jean Todt has dedicated his life to motorsport, starting out as a rally co-driver and notching up major successes in the world’s most important racing series as a team principal. Since 2009, he has been President of the FIA. In the latest Inside E podcast, the Frenchman talks about racing during a pandemic, the Formula E success story and the social responsibilities of the FIA and motorsport.

“For me it’s important that motorsport is not only seen as sport and entertainment but also as a development laboratory to make motoring safer.” According to Jean Todt, innovative solutions have not only improved safety in racing cars in recent years, but have contributed significantly to keeping people safe on the roads.

“We want more women in motorsport. Not only in the cockpit but also in management positions within the FIA, in administration and as marshals at the tracks,” says Todt. “There’s still a long way to go for women, in motorsport, too. But they’re motivated and want success – and we’re there to support them.”

Info The Porsche Formula E podcast is available in English and can be downloaded in the Porsche Newsroom.

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