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“I was so looking forward to my comeback in Stuttgart”

Due to the corona crisis, the two-time Stuttgart winner is now preparing for her comeback at home in Poland. In our interview, she speaks of how much she is enjoying the time with her family, why cooking is so much fun for her, how she is preparing without a racket and ball for when the tour returns to action and why she wishes that, after the crisis, people can again find pleasure in the little things in life.

Angelique, normally you would have been at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart this week. Where are you now instead and how are you? I’m in Poland and I’m fine. It’s a real shame the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix can’t be played due to the corona crisis. To celebrate my comeback at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix with the fantastic Stuttgart crowd was especially motivating for me.

You’ve appeared at every Porsche Tennis Grand Prix since 2012. How much do you regret the cancellation?

The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix belongs to my favourite tournaments and from the other players, I know just how much they would have liked to have come to Stuttgart again. Right up until the last minute, I was naturally hoping there would be a solution after all but in the end the organisers had no other choice. I feel it is good and right that, out of consideration for the health of everybody involved, the officials have decided in the way they have.

Let’s take a little look back: what memories do you have of your appearances at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix?

Foremost are naturally the two finals I won in the Porsche Arena. The one in 2015 against Caroline Wozniacki was a real thriller. I was 5-3 down in the third set and Caroline was only two points away from winning. In my second-round match in the same year, I beat the top-seeded Maria Sharapova, the three-time Stuttgart winner, in three sets. One year later there was the all-German final against Laura Siegemund in which I was under a lot of extra pressure as the titleholder.

How are you coping with the current situation?

But I try to make the best out of the situation. Tennis courts are still off-limits here so I haven’t unfortunately hit any balls yet, although I do my daily workout to stay fit for the day I can get back to playing tennis. It makes it so difficult to plan for that day.

How do you manage to be disciplined and committed when practicing, without being focussed on the next match?

However, the motivation to push oneself to train is always naturally there for top athletes. After all, I’m following a goal and I know why I’m doing it. So, it’s also not difficult to keep motivated even though I don’t know how long I have to stay at home for – whether it’s weeks or months.

What are you missing – except for tennis – in these times?

It’s the little things I miss, the ones that were the norm up until recently but are now no longer possible. I miss my normal daily routine and would like to go for a coffee with friends again.

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