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Guus Reinerink is an entrepreneur whose days are busy and tightly scheduled. For a few hours, he swaps his 930 Turbo for the Taycan Turbo – and just for a while he takes his foot off the metaphorical pedal.

No way!" For Guus Reinerink, family holidays can only be spent at carefully chosen locations. "We expect speed from all our partners, so we can't be the ones causing hold-ups. Reinerink is 51-years-old, a father of four, born and raised in the Netherlands, where the family live today. Tall, athletic and dressed in his favourite colour (blue) right down to his suede shoes, he opens the door to his company – Corporate Fashion Industries.

The name of Reinerink’s business is displayed prominently in front of the building in Ytong letters measuring almost three metres tall and painted to give the appearance of concrete. An elderly man smiles from an oil painting on the side of the bookshelf in the direction of Reinerink’s favourite car – a Porsche 911 from 1965 in Aga Blue.

Reinerink is the proprietor of a textile company that produces corporate clothing. "I always wanted to go into business," he says, chuckling as he recalls his first deals.

Outings as a personal luxury "I find it incredible that this Porsche was built 45 years ago. To me it is still modern, powerful and attractive." He likes to unwind in his classic cars: "With four children at home, outings like this are an absolute luxury for me". Reply: "Who knows!" Laughing emoji.

Wow. Reinerink talks about holidays he would like to take as he cruises through his homeland in the Taycan Turbo. "A road trip from north to South Africa would be great to unwind," he says, returning to the here and now when the road clears and he sees his chance to hit the accelerator: "The acceleration is indescribable." Again. "It drives like a Porsche. It looks like a Porsche. I think this is the future. Of course, that is also what the people in the know are predicting."

Taycan Turbo – technical specifications

Taycan Turbo: Fuel consumption* combined 0 l/100km, CO2 emissions* combined 0 g/km, Electric power consumptions* combined 28.0 kwh/100km Engine: two permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM) System voltage: 800 volts Power output: up to 500 kW/680 PS (overboost) Torque: 850 Nm (Launch Control) Gearbox: two-speed transmission on the rear electric motor Kerb weight: DIN 2,305 kg Top speed: 260 km/h Acceleration: 3.2 s from 0–100 km/h with Launch Control Range: 381–450 km (according to WLTP)

911 Turbo 3.0 (930) – technical specifications

Engine: six-cylinder boxer engine Displacement: 2,993 cm3 Power output: 260 PS at 5,500 rpm Torque: 350 Nm at 4,000 rpm Gearbox: four-speed manual transmission Kerb weight: 1,195 kg Top speed: 250 km/h

Info Text first published in the magazine Porsche Klassik 17. Porsche AG, Germany or other individuals. Porsche AG.

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