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Golf star Paul Casey on fulfilling his dreams

As a child, Paul Casey pictured himself in a Porsche poster. As a student, he fulfilled an American dream. As a family man, this professional golfer found his bearings.

No one would think twice if Paul Casey offered to make them a cup of filter coffee one morning at his home in Arizona. Instead, this British golfer prepares an espresso with the care of a superb open-heart surgeon: highly focused but relaxed. The espresso-making ritual reflects a love of detail only possible in someone who has arrived – both in life and in himself.

Casey has acquired fresh coffee beans from his friend Nico, a Porsche fan and owner of the Fourtillfour café. Expressed as a time, the name would be 3:56 – a subtle evocation of the legendary Porsche model parked enticingly out in front.

But now we set off on a ride in his 991 generation Porsche GT3 RS, driving past cacti and stone formations and through towns with delightful names like Paradise Valley. Casey came to Arizona 25 years ago as a student, and never left.

“A car should have a character"

“I like it when a drive becomes an experience, when I pull through a corner a little faster than everyone else,” he says with pleasure after sailing around a traffic circle as if in orbit. A car should have a character, a soul. Like a 911 of the 996 generation. It’s wild and rebellious, but that’s what makes it unique. There are manufacturers that make only one cool model. But at Porsche, every car in the entire product range has a distinctive character.

Casey’s almost childlike enthusiasm intensifies all the more when we stop at a mechanic’s workshop run by another friend. Like a kid at an amusement park who is free to try out all the roller coasters, he rushes from vehicle to vehicle.

The journey becomes the destination

Despite all his achievements, Casey continues to move through all the phases of his career – although the urgent ambition of youth has now acquired a counterbalance of calm. Now what counts on the golf course is to achieve victory over himself, and play an outstanding round.

“I was tough as nails to myself and to others. I was grimly determined, and not necessarily a joy off the course either,” he recalls. Info

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