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80 Porsche cars in 80 years

Ottocar leans, beaming, against a new Boxster Spyder, having just collected it from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. It is not the first time he has done this: the Austrian collects his cars in person whenever possible.

For this milestone anniversary, the Porsche Community Management team joined forces with the factory collection team to come up with something very special: Ottocar was one of the first customers to be allowed to affix the Porsche Crest on the bonnet himself.

Through motorsport to Porsche

Ottocar’s Porsche story started almost 50 years ago, on the racing track. So he started to save up, and bought himself a 911 E in Speed Yellow, also known as the “oil cap model”. It would be the start of a lifelong passion.

The hobby driver also stayed true to his motorsport: he owns a 917, a 910 with a rare eight-cylinder engine and a 956, not to mention a 904 with its original Fuhrmann engine and a 964 Cup. All the cars are roadworthy and he regularly takes part in classic racing events with the 917.

Driving a different car every day – and two at the weekend

The collector has owned 80 different Porsche cars over the course of his life, including nine versions of the Carrera RS. He has built a separate building for his Porsche collection and calls it his “living room”. They pass Ottocar’s toy shop, an antiques store and a cinema that is previewing, of course, Steve McQueen’s epic film “Le Mans”.

You can see and feel that Ottocar is just as at home in the global world of Porsche as he is here, in his own Porsche world.

Driving is what is important

As incredible as this collection is, Ottocar much prefers sitting behind the wheel to being among his cars – because driving is what is important for the 80-year-old. The Austrian will not name a favourite car, but he chooses the Type 981 Boxster Spyder for many of his outings.

“The sound, how it drives, its suspension, everything that it does – it is the only one of my road-legal Porsche that reminds me of my 910,” says Ottocar, who also attends international Porsche Club events.

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