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Porsche, MHP and Munich Re found the “FlexFactory”

The sports-car manufacturer Porsche, its management and IT consulting subsidiary MHP, and the insurance group Munich Re have founded a joint venture – the “FlexFactory”.

This aims to make the production of small series of all kinds of different products in the manufacturing industry more flexible and cost efficient. In addition, the FlexFactory supports the actual implementation of the specific customer project.

It thus enables customers from the manufacturing industry to implement innovations or article variants faster and more efficiently than in the traditional production process, and with less capital input. There is great demand for such solutions: manufacturers from a wide range of variant-rich industries (e.g. the automotive, clothing or packaging industries, etc.) face the challenge of taking into account increasingly individualised customer needs while shortening product life cycles – without ignoring the business risks associated with this transformation for their own balance sheets. The FlexFactory addresses these challenges and the associated market potential by showing the way to a more flexible, economically calculable production landscape in cost-efficient structures and, if required, by accompanying its implementation in concrete customer projects.

Porsche, MHP and Munich Re establish joint venture

The sports car manufacturer Porsche, its management and IT consultancy subsidiary MHP and the reinsurance company Munich Re are planning to set up a joint venture.

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