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1,000th Norwegian Taycan customer received his car

Since 1997, Porsche is selling its cars in Norway through the importer Autozentrum Sport AS – Traditionally, it has always been a relatively small market for the sportscar manufacturer from Zuffenhausen. Some hundred cars per year were handed over to customers. With the all-electric Taycan, this is about to change significantly.

In the beginning of November, the 1,000th Taycan customer in Norway picked up his new car.

Pick-up of the 1,000th Taycan in Norway

The customer Thomas Røed received his Taycan at Porsche Center Oslo.

Thomas Røed and his new Taycan

Porsche AG has set itself the goal that more than half of all new cars delivered to customers will be on electric drivetrain by 2025. The next all-electric model to be launched will be the Taycan Cross Turismo in 2021.

Norway subsidises electric vehicles

Since 2017, the share of battery electric vehicles has more than doubled in Norway and is today at nearly 50 percent. Thanks to our consequent electrification strategy, we see an interesting volume potential in the market – and this not only in 2020, says Barbara Frenkel, Vice President Region Europe at Porsche AG. The Norwegian government is supporting electric mobility with a tax system that encourages choosing electrified cars, a great charging infrastructure and other measures. All this led to a great headstart of the Norwegian market on the way to emission-free car traffic. We want to be part of this with our great electrified sportscars.

The first all-electric sportscar Taycan is available in the European markets since spring 2020.

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