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"Focus on the essentials"

Challenging times highlight the need for leadership.

Mr. Blume, COVID-19 presents a huge challenge to the economy and society at large. How has Porsche been handling the crisis thus far? Oliver Blume: We have mounted a robust response. The key to our success is our team. While always keeping an eye on our customers.

What makes Porsche different?

Blume: Porsche has always been different, and it is a special brand. The pioneering spirit that fueled the work of Ferry Porsche is alive and well today. We’re supported by the appeal of our products, whether we’re talking about the iconic 911, the new Cayenne Coupé, or the all-electric Taycan sports car that was recently declared the most innovative car in the world.

It sounds like you have very clear ideas. But how do you put them into practice under COVID-19 conditions?

Blume: By focusing on the essentials. What is the essence of Porsche, what is truly important to us? Crises quickly show how stable and flexible companies are. That applies not only to our internal work at the company, but also to what our customers experience.

The feedback has all been positive. Digital formats are also working in sales. But here too, what’s missing is the personal touch. My overall conclusion remains positive, though. Digital options make life more flexible, while personal contact continues to be valuable.

How did you guide your team through the critical stage of the COVID-19 crisis?

Blume: Calmly, systematically, and with a focus on the team. COVID-19 changed how we act as a society, which led to uncertainty. And then I concentrate all the more on providing support, orientation, and security for the team.

What decisions had to be made?

Blume: Our crisis management team discussed numerous issues every day and made its decisions based on the facts. Thanks to our IT team, we could do most of our work remotely right from the first day of the lockdown. And we continued to work at the plants wherever possible.

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