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Back 2 Tape: Hip-hop playlist for the European road trip

What began in the 1970s in the Bronx in New York City with rhymes and beats from Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five has now become an international cultural form. For me, the guests on “Back to Tape” (2018) and "Back 2 Tape" (release: April 16, 2020) carry exactly this spirit within themselves. That is why I chose to meet with them on my tour through France, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

European music as a trendsetter

Musically, "Back 2 Tape" was as diverse as my guests. European Hip-Hop is becoming more and more of a leader, not a follower. Again and again on my road trip, I was able to observe the European influences in modern hip-hop. Her music combines traditional flamenco with contemporary international pop music - a bridge between cultures.

Rap from Great Britain sets standards

"Rap from Great Britain is always setting new standards," explains DJ Josi Miller. "Grime, in particular, has become an integral part of my DJ sets. I celebrate that it also contains a lot of political statements."

Fans of "Back 2 Tape" can listen to an excerpt from their DJ set on the online TV channel ONE Hamburg next Friday, April 17, from 8 pm.

A playlist for the perfect European road trip

I have compiled the tracks that accompanied me on my journey in a Spotify playlist. My five tips: The Nice Up - Rodney P

Save the Date: Premiere of Back 2 Tape on April 16th

The documentary was made in cooperation with hip-hop magazine “Backspin” and music journalist Niko Hüls. It sheds light on hip-hop youth culture using the example of 16 artists from all over Europe. In the run-up to the premiere, individual artists will give personal insights into the production of the film project by speaking via Instagram live streams.

An important note

Niko’s road trip through Europe was produced before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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