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Flat-sharing in Germany “Down Under” style

Factory driver Matt Campbell and Porsche Junior Jaxon Evans have set-up a special flat-sharing arrangement close to the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart.

Factory driver Matt Campbell (Australia) and Porsche Junior Jaxon Evans (New Zealand) have set-up a special flat-sharing arrangement close to the Porsche headquarters.

“We found each other without really looking,” says 23-year-old Evans. I moved into this three-bedroom apartment with kitchen, bathroom and laundry with Matt in February 2019. When you’re so far from home and you’re missing family, it’s great to have a brother in Germany. The Porsche Junior feels at home with his colleague, friend and “brother” Matt Campbell. “We’re always joking around and we hardly ever disagree,” says Evans about their lives in the 70-square-metre rental.

“I’m an orderly person, I always like things clean and tidy,” explains the New Zealander, who spent his youth in Australia. Evans stands in the modern, functionally-furnished living room, looks at the floor and adds with a wide grin: “I’m a virtuoso at vacuuming, Matt’s a hero at the stove.”

“Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at our place. We make tacos and other Mexican dishes. We’re always posting stuff on Instagram,” says Campbell. “These care packages help alleviate homesickness a little,” says Evans. “We’re really like twins in this regard, as well. We both miss our families very much. We only get to see them once or at most twice a year.” Both drivers openly declare their close connections to family. “And there’s something else missing,” says Campbell with a laugh. At home, the weather is better and you can go to the beach whenever you like. We only have a simulator and a Playstation here, and in summer we have the outdoor pools. Things often heat up in the apartment when the two play on the consoles. “That’s just how we are,” laughs the Australian, who was promoted to works driver last winter. “The language course is progressing slowly for me. That’s the downside of two guys from Australia living together,” Campbell openly admits. “I do know one word though,” jokes Evans. “When our girlfriends come to visit life gets even funnier,” explains Evans, whose girlfriend also comes from Australia. “The four of us get along brilliantly,” says Campbell. “Our partners know each other really well now. We enjoy going out and doing stuff together, and if we need a little space, everyone has their own room.”

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