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No mistakes: a clear digital view for electric drives

Together with Startup Autobahn partner Visopic, Porsche has now developed an augmented reality function to avoid mistakes when assembling electric drives. Startup Autobahn

Often it isn’t due to the device being broken: it can simply be that a battery has been inserted the wrong way round in error. This mistake is often made with AA batteries or button cells but when it comes to a nine-volt block battery, there is only one way it can be connected.

This principle is called “poka-yoke”, and is also used for SIM cards in smartphones: the card can only be inserted in the phone one way. This means that mistakes during assembly are excluded right from the start.

Porsche has been a partner of Startup Autobahn since 2017. Startup Autobahn acts as an interface between industry leaders and young technology firms. Startup Autobahn is not a typical start-up accelerator, but provides an entire ecosystem for successful collaboration.

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