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Sebastian Job crowned champion of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup

The race

Heading into the season finale, Rogers still had a chance to wrest the crown from Jobs. In the first lap, Job and Roger treated viewers to some inspired duels. Job fell back to eleventh place, with Rogers thrown down the field to 25th. Although the championship was in the bag, Job launched a breathtaking pursuit race and was ultimately rewarded with fifth place. With Rogers finishing on 24th, this result was enough for the British sim racer to claim the title after the sprint race.

Comments after the race

Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esports): It’ll take a while before I realise that I’ve won the title. I would never have thought it possible when I start sim racing. I’m lost for words. It was fantastic to cross the finish line with my teammate Graham Carroll. Now I can’t wait for the next season, which will start soon.

Result 1. Graham Carroll (GB/Red Bull Racing Esport) 5. Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esport) 2. Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esport) 5. Joshua Rogers (AUS/VRS Coanda Racing) 1. Sebastian Job (GB/Red Bull Racing Esport), 659 points 2. Joshua Rogers (AUS/VRS Coanda Racing), 563 points

The preview

The venue for the showdown between Sebastian Job (Red Bull Racing Esport) and his Australian rival Joshua Rogers (VRS Coanda Simsport) in the global one-make cup series run on the iRacing simulation platform is the digital version of the Monza Grand Prix circuit. Adding to the spectacle are two All-Star races, in which some of the most famous influencers of the Esports scene will compete.

Clinching pole position as well as second place in the sprint race, and victory at the main event, the Australian harvested almost maximum points and slashed the gap between himself and Sebastian Job to 71 points. However, the British sim racer from the Red Bull Racing Esports team needs only six points at Monza to claim the crown in the fiercely competitive championship.

Additional spectacle: stars of the influencer scene lock horns at Monza

As the crowning finale of a gripping PESC season, live-stream viewers will be treated to another highlight as part of the Monza event: From 13:45, prominent influencers from the Esports scene will fight for fame and glory in two All-Star races. The qualifying session determines the grid positions for the sprint race.

#PESC - Cliff-hanger situation in the #Porsche @TAGHeuer #Esports #Supercup: The title decision between @G2Sebi and @JKRogers_92 goes down to the wire this Saturday at the last race weekend of this year’s @iracing series in #Monza.

Info On the virtual racetrack in the Royal Park, sim racers will contest a 15-minute sprint race followed by a 30-minute main race. Fans can watch the final event live on Porsche’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Further information on the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup can be found on the Porsche Porsche Motorsport Hub, Porsche Newsroom and the Twitter account @PorscheRaces.

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