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If in doubt, flat out

Jörg Bergmeister

He had literally just got out of the car after finishing the free practice sessions, night qualifying and then the full rigours of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. But instead of putting his legs up and regenerating, Jörg Bergmeister is with his friend Karl Platt, flying through the Palatinate Forest on their mountain bikes at a pace I don’t even have a chance to follow – even on an E-bike.

Because while I consider the eagerly awaited vanilla ice cream an appropriate ration after the work I have done, an espresso is enough for Bergmeister. The Nordschleife is the best example. With over 20 kilometres of track, it can happen that it rains cats and dogs on one part and the sun shines on the other. A wrong decision in tyre choice can ruin the whole race in a situation like this. It sounds like driving a car at the absolute limit and playing chess simultaneously. Nor can the layman fully appreciate what technical development means to the professional.

Even Bergmeister, as a senior automotive development driver, can only Marvel at this.

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