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Air-cooled in New Zealand

Paul Higgins pursues his passion on the other side of the world, in Auckland. And he keeps the telephone lines busy to Porsche enthusiasts in many different countries.

“The dealer specialised in German cars, particularly from Bavaria. He looked at me from head to toe and then deemed me to be uninteresting as a customer,” remembers Paul Higgins. So I turned on my heels and walked across the road to ‘Clarks of Khyber Pass’, where there were some fine used cars. And it was there that I saw the 911 SC from 1980 in perfect condition. It was a left-hand-drive model and therefore not too expensive. At ‘Clarks’ they said to me: “Take the 911 with you over the weekend, drive it a bit and tell us on Monday what you think. That was in 1985, I was just over 30 years old, an architect just starting out and already infatuated with Porsche. My wife was heavily pregnant and not very impressed by the sports car. We already had two boys, and the birth of our third child was imminent. She was certain that it would be a boy again. That is probably why she said: “If it’s a girl, you can keep the Porsche.” Our first daughter was born a few days later at half past one in the morning. And that is how it started with Porsche.”

Paul Higgins’ quiet passion for Porsche remained alive over the decades, and he took the term sports cars literally. Paul competed in club races with the SC, and later changed it for a 3.3-litre Turbo. This car too had proved itself, such as in the city race through the streets of Wellington. There are Porsche race posters on the walls, at the gable end there is a huge photo of the Number 23 – 917 Short Tail, Le Mans winner in 1970. On the left on the long wall there is a small desk with a PC, behind this a reference library on the subject of Porsche. Higgins discovered his passion for Porsche’s first sports car model series only late on: “I was always a 911 man and thought that the 356 was just an old car.

Info Text first published in the magazine „Porsche Klassik 16“.

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