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Too powerful to be true

Archive pictures from the time still allow us to gain an impression today of how courageous it must have been during the first post-war years for the company to even think of building its own sports car.

But the young Ferry Porsche had not given up on the ambitious plans from the days before the war by any means. The Berlin-Rome car Type 64 based on the KdF car can be seen as the first sketch of Porsche sports car, and many elements of Erwin Komenda’s Type 64 design can be found again in the 356. The 72 PS engine in combination with an extremely aerodynamic body similar to the Berlin-Rome car would have made the Type 114 a super sports car of the time, ideal for driving at high speed on the first sections of the German motorways. However, the start of the war brought an abrupt end to the ambitious plans, and the Type 114 never left the drawing board of the Stuttgart design office – what a shame!

Info Text first published in the magazine „Porsche Klassik“, Edition 16. Text: Christian Kornherr Copyright: The image and sound published here is copyright by Dr. Ing. Porsche AG, Germany or other individuals. It is not to be reproduced wholly or in part without prior written permission of Dr. Ing. Porsche AG.

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