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A fast quartet

The childhood dream of Dieter Röscheisen shines in Petrol Blue Metallic and Grand Prix White – the Heigo-Porsche 911 SC. The automotive master technician, who started work at Porsche in 1976 as a mechanic in the running gear test department, competed in national and international rallies in 1980 together with Klaus Hesse from the town of Kitzingen in Lower Franconia “Unfortunately the season ate up so much money that I decided to sell the Heigo-Porsche at a World Championship celebration in Regensburg,” says Röscheisen, who was in his mid-twenties at the time.

“I discovered it in a back-street garage, covered in rags,” recounts the now 69-year-old, who travelled almost 1,800 kilometres to Straubing in Lower Bavaria for the first meeting of the four Heigo-Porsche cars. Röhrl remembered Röscheisen’s Heigo-Porsche and gave Davies the phone number of his friend. “I couldn't believe it at first that this vehicle still existed. I thought that it had been scrapped long ago,” says Röscheisen ten years after the call. The weld seams on the window frame were unique. In 1979, we built everything on this Heigo-Porsche specifically for rallying so that jumps would not lead to excessive torsion, explains Röscheisen. The idea for the colour combination came from Ginger Ostle, who worked in the Porsche design studio at the time: “Ginger positioned the car under a lamp, and matched the colours Petrol and White exactly to the projected shadow,” he says and follows this with an anecdote. During a rally in Marktredwitz it was snowing heavily while I walked through the parc fermé to take a look at the vehicles. The snow line on my car exactly matched the white part of the paintwork, an unbelievably harmonious sight.

Details of the Heigo-Porsche 911 SC RS Evo III

The goal of the two men and the earlier sponsor Helmut Heilmann, Managing Director of Heigo Autotechnik, was to make the car more beautiful and better than the original ever was. One and a half years later, the project Heigo-Porsche II was as good as complete and only the set-up drives still had to be performed.

Seven years before, Röscheisen handed out a number of model cars of his originally built Heigo-Porsche. “When Dieter gave me the model car in 2005, it was clear to me that I also wanted to have a Porsche like this one day. Extremely sporty and fun,” says Klaus-Jürgen Orth, then owner of a telecommunications company in Frankfurt am Main. At the start of 2013, the two therefore officially gave Diez the order to build two Heigo-Porsche 911 SC RS Evo III for them. “The ducktail engine compartment lid and the Turbo extensions corresponded to the homologation for Group 4,” remembers Röscheisen, who built up the then one-year-old G-model with 3.0-litre engine.

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