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“Porsche will become more electric – but not the 911”

Mr Blume, discussions about a general speed limit on German motorways, driving bans for diesel-powered vehicles and criticism of SUVs, do you still enjoy being boss of a sports car manufacturer like Porsche?

It’s my dream job and I enjoy it very much! It’s not about agreeing on everything, but about understanding different standpoints. For us, it is part of our identity that we assume responsibility for our society: for sustainable actions, but also for jobs and taxes.

What is your opinion about the demands for a general speed limit on German motorways?

And we are in the good situation of not having a general speed limit on motorways. Driving without speed restrictions is part of our individual freedom. And we want to uphold this freedom.

However, a speed limit on motorways in Germany could also be good for the environment.

We make each generation of our combustion engines more efficient. And thanks to our hybrid engines we are significantly reducing CO2 emissions. And our electric vehicles mean that you can travel with zero emissions.

Do you consider the Fridays for Future environmental movement a threat to the automotive industry?

I see the movement as an impetus for society that goes in the right direction. We must reduce emissions to make sure our planet remains sustainable. At Porsche, we set the right course at an early stage: production of the zero-emissions Taycan in Zuffenhausen is carbon-neutral.

Porsche has reduced CO2 emissions by 75 percent since 2014

On the contrary, our customers also demand that our vehicles can be driven and produced as sustainably as possible. Customers do not just buy a sports car because they want to drive fast. It boasts outstanding acceleration values and fantastic driving dynamics, but simultaneously also produces zero emissions and is almost silent in operation.

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