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Porsche demonstrates autonomous driving in the workshop

As part of a collaboration with “Kopernikus Automotive”, Porsche demonstrated how autonomous driving can be used in the workshop on a test field on the company’s premises in Ludwigsburg. For the system, the partners rely primarily on artificial intelligence, which requires less sensor technology and reduces the costs of the technology.

Before the vehicles drive truly autonomously in the workshop, the test site including the surrounding workshop environment was first converted into a virtual representation.

This is a move away from sensors in the vehicle to sensors in the external environment, and a move away from relatively rigid programming to data-based intelligent systems, says Alexander Haas, Project Manager for Automated Driving at the Porsche workshop, describing the essence of the technology.

The vehicle drives entirely autonomously from the parking space to the lifting platform and back. The test proves the feasibility of autonomous driving in the workshop. The test also enables Porsche to gather valuable information on artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving.

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