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Porsche starts podcast "Next Visions"

Porsche is expanding its "Next Visions" theme platform: In a new podcast of the same name, speakers will hold open discussions on topics related to the future.

The first season consists of five episodes, which will be available on all common podcast platforms. In each episode, two thought leaders will discuss the social, economic and ethical questions of our time.

They provide answers as to what authentic leadership looks like in a technology-driven age and how to define a successful career.

Future topics that also drive Porsche

Under the slogan "Next Visions", Porsche has been taking a look into the future of the company for some time now, discussing future challenges and opportunities and especially encouraging new perspectives. The new podcast offers inspiring personalities outside the company a platform to share their visions of the future and provide food for thought for their listeners. To what extent does the constantly-increasing use of artificial intelligence limit our autonomy?

At the end of the first season, Maria Kolitsida, co-founder of the IT company winningminds.ai and MIT graduate in the field of artificial intelligence, discusses together with Sophie Kleber, Head of Spaces at Google, the risks and challenges of combining emotions with technologies. Among other things, they will talk about how the targeted use of technologies and the simulation of emotions can fundamentally change our everyday and professional lives.

German language version to follow

The talks took place within the framework of the "House of Beautiful Business", an annual gathering of relevant thought leaders in our society. Tim Leberecht, event organizer and author of the bestseller "The Business Romantic", and Christian Knörle, Head of Company Building Porsche Digital, lead through the individual episodes.

Intro: What is it all about?

What does Porsche actually understand by Next Visions and why is there now a podcast about it? In this episode Christian and Tim introduce themselves and the concept in detail. They talk about Porsche, explain what the House of Beautiful Business is all about and what Ferdinand Porsche has got to do with it.


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