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Electrified in 9:11 minutes

Chapter 1: Svindal’s new world

Aksel Lund Svindal and the Porsche Taycan have a lot in common: dynamic drive and stamina, top performance and reliability.

Chapter 2: How a Taycan is made

The all-electric sports car is produced in Zuffenhausen in a newly built factory: CO2 neutral and with the employees as an integral part of the project.

Chapter 3: Performance on snow and ice

The Taycan is the perfect winter car. Vice President Model Line Dr Stefan Weckbach explains what makes the Taycan a true Porsche.

Chapter 4: Hairpin technology

The specific way the copper wire coils are wound in the electric motor of the Taycan offers various advantages: these include lower weight, more powerful torque and more consistent performance.

Chapter 5: Mission accomplished

The Taycan is Porsche’s first step into electric mobility – and one that is setting milestones.

The 9:11 Magazine

Porsche publishes a wealth of entertaining and informative contributions from the world of Porsche at its website, 911-magazin.porsche.de. Whether it's presenting new models or highlighting milestones in the company's history, the online TV series complements the Porsche customer magazine “Christophorus” and is published at the same intervals, in both German and English.

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