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Painted Love

Californian Lisa Taylor has a bit of a thing for Porsche models in vibrant colors. Whether it’s yellow, pink, or blue—it had better be bright! Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor likes to invite kindred spirits who share a passion for Porsche to her ranch in Yorba Linda, just around the corner from Disneyland. I simply love this 1956 manual transmission,” says Lisa Taylor with a hearty laugh.

Lisa Taylor loves old manual transmissions, Porsche, and vivid colors, if you please: “The paint has to match the character of the model.” A strapping sports car in a mousy gray? Taylor bought her first horse, named Lawai, in Hawaii in 2002 and had it flown to California. For several years she ran a successful stud farm, but after a riding accident in which she broke an arm and hip, Taylor bade farewell to the world of horse racing. Today, Taylor indulges her passion for speed in autocross races and as a certified Porsche driving instructor, among other amusements. Spinning ceiling fans reflect in the brilliant bodies of the arrayed cars, including the gem of Lisa Taylor’s collection: a 911 GT3 RS in Star Ruby, model year 2016. Back then, the vibrant, pink-hued paint was part of the standard repertoire; today it’s part of the Porsche Paint-to-Sample program and an absolute rarity that Taylor waited a year and a half to get her hands on.

The fifty-eight-year-old Californian’s passion for Porsche was ignited in 1981, when she sat behind the wheel of a 911 for the first time. Today, Taylor owns many Porsches—the exact number of which she keeps to herself. Taylor's passion for Porsche is also reflected in her three Bernese mountain dogs: two of her four-legged friends go by the names Turbo (left) and Targa (front).


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