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Porsche Consulting: three new offices and an innovation lab

Porsche Consulting recorded revenues of €203.1 million for 2019, which represents a year-over-year growth rate of 17.4 percent and a new all-time record in its 25 year history.

The consultancy with offices in Germany, Italy, the United States, Brazil, and China expanded its presence in every region and currently employs 670 professionals. Porsche Consulting plans a significant expansion of its strategy and innovation work. The recently opened Porsche Consulting Berlin Innovation Lab will provide a special environment for such projects. What matters now are the power and speed of innovations. At our lab in Berlin we demonstrate our clients new approaches to work that will make them faster at finding and implementing better ideas, says Eberhard Weiblen, Porsche Consulting’s CEO.

As of January 1, Porsche Consulting established a French subsidiary with headquarters in Paris.

The Porsche Consulting GmbH

Porsche Consulting GmbH is a leading German strategy and operations consultancy. Following the principle of “Strategic vision. Smart implementation,” its consultants advise industry leaders on strategy, innovation, performance improvement, and sustainability. Porsche Consulting’s network of 12 offices worldwide serves clients in the mobility, industrial goods, consumer goods, and financial services sectors.

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