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Family man and full-throttle virtuoso

A wild sideways drift on the way from the living room to the kitchen; tyre skid marks on the off-white floor tiles; the sound of laughter echoing through the family home in the town of Waiblingen close to Stuttgart. The life of the Porsche works driver Laurens Vanthoor is full of speed and action – even during the quiet times of the coronavirus.

Even at the tender age of just over one, the swift toddler is already showing talent as a real racer – in a bobby car decked out in the colours of a Manthey-Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R.

Emily keeps her parents on their toes as she races full speed ahead through the day. Mama Jacqueline comes from a family of racing enthusiasts. It is not surprising that motor racing is a big topic in the Vanthoor household. The eyes of the 1.8-metre-tall racing professional from Hasselt (Belgium) are a mirror to his soul: sometimes gentle and relaxed when strolling with his wife, child, and three dogs; at other times squinting in complete concentration while attempting to find that last hundredth of a second in the hunt for victory on the racetracks. “I flip a switch, and when I’m in the racing car I block out any distractions,” says Vanthoor, who at first comes across as quiet and reserved. His inner peace comes not only from the self-confidence of being a successful racing driver and the harmony within his young family. I changed my eating habits at the end of last year and chose a vegan diet for a while. I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, with all my travel commitments, it proved almost impossible to maintain. Still, I now eat differently and suddenly I like foods that are very different from what I used to eat, explains Vanthoor. He laughs and adds: I couldn’t continue like that. After really tough races I’d often reward myself with a couple of burgers. But afterwards I always felt as if I shouldn’t have. These days I simply choose not to. It is not surprising that motor racing is a big topic in the Vanthoor household.

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