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The pursuit of period perfection

Californian collector Matt Hummel takes his Pre-A Speedster back in time.

But the car that has always eluded him, the Hummel holy grail if you like, is the ‘Pre-A’ Speedster, the very first of its kind and a rarity today by any standard. Just 1,234 Pre-A Speedsters were built between 1954 and 1955, only about one sixth of them in the first year with the 1500cc engine so sought after by collectors like Hummel.

“I’d been looking for a Pre-A Speedster for a long time and I really wanted a model built in 1954 with the older two-piece engine,” Hummel explains. They only made 200, so it was already a really difficult car to find, but it also had to be the right one, with the right character. There had to be something about it that I connected with. With the feelers out among all his friends in the global 356 community, Hummel had been on the hunt for years when, in the autumn of 2019, it looked like the search might finally be over.

When Hummel saw the car, it was love at first sight.

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