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Ice dream

With the GP Ice Race marking its second year in the Porsche family’s home of Zell am See, co-founder Ferdinand “Ferdi” Porsche reveals how his ice dream became a reality.

A team of people are working hard with their shovels. It’s the day before the GP Ice Race and one of the snowbanks at the track entrance isn’t quite right. In the middle of the flying snow, one member of the team is leading by example, showing the rest not only how he wants the top of the bank profiled, but also how to use the awkward long-handled shovels to maximum effect.

Over the last couple of years, this has found an outlet in the rebirth of ice racing in the picture-postcard Alpine beauty of Zell am See. Later that evening, at a star-studded party organised by the Californians behind the air-cooled cult Luftgekühlt, Ferdi reveals how the GP Ice Race came about.

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