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#GetCreativeWithPorsche: How to shine on camera

Whether you’re joining video conference calls for work or posting content to social media, being able to talk to camera is more relevant than ever. Fresh from the Formula E pitlane, social media star Laura Bubble reveals how to shine on the small screen.

One of the many unexpected things to come out of the year 2020 has been the amount of time the average person spends in front of a camera.

Nail the basics

“Whether you’re making a 15-second TikTok film, posting online car reviews or on a video conference call for work, the number one thing to consider when you’re on camera is your sound quality. Try to minimise background noise and if you’re producing content that you want an online audience to consume, think about investing in a good microphone rather than simply using your phone.

If you’re outside, don’t stand or sit with the sun behind you and if you’re indoors try to use natural light from a window as it’s so much more flattering. Ideally, the light wants to hit your face straight-on to avoid shadows. If you’re unsure how to set up a shot, study how other people come across online and try doing the same.

Make yourself comfortable

“There is nothing like practice in order to get better at talking to a camera. A great tip is to set up your camera and start chatting – about anything. Just spending time in front of your equipment – even if it’s your phone – will help you to find your voice and get used to sharing your message aloud. The same applies if you’re on a work call or a video interview – having bullet points that you can refer to will help if you get stage fright when it’s your turn to talk. “One mistake people often make – and one I was guilty of when I started out – is to look at the viewfinder instead of the lens. If you’re unfamiliar with doing video calls you might find yourself looking at your own face on the screen and it’s pretty much the same thing. With practice you can train yourself to look directly at the camera, but it’s not always easy to start with. Get used to your equipment and practice, practice, practice.”

How to impress and/or grow a following

“If you’re posting videos online, and growing your audience is your aim, find a niche and stick to it. If you’re running a channel and in one video you’re talking about politics, then in the next it’s about nutrition, then comedy sketches, it’s going to be harder to develop a following. If you’re really passionate about something you can make exceptions but if you want to grow, and to develop a channel or social media platform, streamline your content.

“In the past, if I’ve been unsure about a piece of content I’ve sent drafts to friends for a second opinion but it’s important to have faith in your work and to be yourself. When I first started out no one was really posting videos of themselves on YouTube – it was seen as a bit of a strange thing to do – so I kept it quiet from my friends and family.

Info If you’re trying to carve out a career in front of the camera, visit @porsche_newsroom on Instagram and share some of your filmed content using the hashtag #GetCreativeWithPorsche.

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