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Tinkering for Relaxation

Six years ago. That was when André Wiersig and Wolfgang “Wolli” Elges pushed this silver Porsche 911 Coupé into a garage in Paderborn. “In 2014 the car was actually in quite good and drivable condition,” says Wiersig. But Wolli wanted original seats with a pinstripe look, and then he wasn’t satisfied with the existing paint job, and then he wanted the technical systems to be absolutely perfect—it was one thing after the other. So the two friends launched a comprehensive restoration project with the goal of achieving its original condition.

Wiersig is the head of sales and marketing for an SAP consultancy, and this 911 isn’t the first Porsche he and Elges have worked on together. Six years. The second is Wiersig’s discovery of a second passion. As he did every summer, Wiersig wanted to swim out to a buoy just three hundred meters away. “I couldn’t swim, and the cold was positively painful.” The incident disturbed him, because he had always succeeded in every type of athletic endeavor. While still in Ibiza he resolved to reach the buoy the following year. “Never!” exclaims Wiersig and bursts out laughing. The next year he reached the buoy—and then chose a new goal.

These are the Ocean’s Seven

The Ocean’s Seven were designated in 2009 by Steven Munatones from the USA. The name reflects the seven summits of extreme mountaineering, that is, the highest peak on each of the seven continents. André Wiersig swam the Ocean’s Seven in the order listed.

England – France Linear distance: 33.2 km Distance swum: 45.88 km

SideKICK: Top quality thanks to recycling

High-grade Econyl fiber is spun from 100 percent recycled polyamide 6 (PA6). At least 50 percent of the PA6 used is acquired directly from postconsumer waste, such as discarded fishnets and old shag carpets. Compared to conventional PA6, every ton of Econyl raw material saves seven barrels of crude oil, avoids emitting 5.7 tons of CO2, and lowers the greenhouse effect of nylon by up to 80 percent.


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