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Porsche Leipzig gets ready for electromobility

All signs point forwards at Porsche in Leipzig: Preparations for the start of electromobility are underway across the plant. All construction work is on schedule.

The external work on the new body shop for the third-generation Macan, the first fully electric version, is now complete. The period of time between now and the start of production of the next Macan generation is certainly going to be a challenge. However, it is also an opportunity to future-proof the plant and to prove ourselves as a team.

The fifth plant extention

To facilitate this project, Porsche is investing more than 600 million euro at its Leipzig site. Due to the Corona crisis, the official topping-out ceremony was cancelled but Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, still visited the site and was shown the latest developments last Friday (July 3).

Porsche opens Europe's most powerful rapid-charging park in Leipzig

Porsche Leipzig is expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in central Germany with a new charging park called Porsche Turbo Charging.

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