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Artists at work

In 2019, unbeknown to almost everyone, Porsche broke one more record at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

New York-based Richard Phillips was already a Porsche guy and enthusiastic amateur racer when he met factory driver Jörg Bergmeister in 2012, but their journey to Le Mans victory had a long way to run. We met after a friend of mine wrote an article for the New York Times in 2012 about my 911 Turbo and its influence on my art. I’d said that the real artists were people like Jörg and Patrick Long who I was following at the time in ALMS, and Jörg saw this and invited me to a race at Lime Rock.

My helmets used to be only red, blue and back, with a little gold, but Richard designed me a one-off for Le Mans which is now sitting in my house. From that point on we were saying we should do an art car together, and all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together last year. It was a dream come true for both of us.

When we did the helmet back in 2013 I came to Le Mans to watch the race and just being in the garage, seeing the designs on the car, I kept thinking even then how great it would be to do that. And then in the fall of 2018 I got the call from Jörg saying ‘All right Richard, the time is now!’

Working on the 911 RSR Art Car

Using a selection of his work from the late 90s, Phillips projected a complex 2D livery onto the car. In collaboration with Porsche Digital and German livery specialists Signal Design, the 2D livery was printed at full size and then applied to the car using vinyl foiling and heat guns.

I’d driven a couple of art cars before and always thought it would be really cool to have Richard do one. But the history of the art car at Le Mans is not great to say the least. I didn’t want to tell Richard until after the race, but no art car had ever won Le Mans before.

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