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Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of Oculus Quest + Rift S

We’re about to celebrate an exciting milestone: the one-year anniversary of Oculus Quest and Rift S! From training your workforce to having fun with friends in multiplayer games, VR is transforming our ability to connect with each other from afar. Today, in honor of the anniversary, we’re sharing the latest VR updates that bring people together—with new ways to interact in games, new solutions for collaborating remotely, and more.

A Growing Ecosystem, Thanks to All of You

Today we’re announcing that just a few days shy of Quest’s first anniversary, people have spent more than $100M on Quest content. During last month’s Facebook: Game Developers Showcase, we announced that more than 20 titles have surpassed the $1M revenue mark on Quest alone. Now, we’re thrilled to share that more than 10 titles have generated over $2M in revenue on Quest since we started shipping last year, including Moss and Pistol Whip.

A massive thank you to all the developers who have made Quest the success it is today—and to everyone using VR to stay connected and entertained during these difficult times. Please know that we’re working hard to make more available so we can welcome more people into the Oculus community.

Hand Tracking on Quest: The Next Phase

Last year we released hand tracking on Quest as an Experimental feature, letting people use their real hands to interact in VR without controllers. Since then, we’ve continued to improve hand tracking on Quest while adding more features and functionality. With the next Quest software update starting this week, we’re moving it out of the Experimental Features section and into general release, and we’ll begin accepting third-party titles that include hand tracking to the Oculus Store on May 28.

Ready to get started with hand tracking on Quest?

More Experiences to Keep You Entertained at Home

Click here for the full track list. And last week saw the launch of Tetris Effect—a reimagining of the beloved puzzler for VR. Check it out on Quest today, or click here for more information.

Introducing the Ability to Post to Select Facebook Groups with Your Oculus Username

We’re always working to help people to build their VR communities, so starting this week, we’re testing the ability for people to share to Facebook Groups under their Oculus username. This will let people connect with other Oculus users on Facebook to swap stories and share their VR exploits.

Expanding the Oculus Store to Support Remote Work

As more people shift to remote work, VR can transform how we collaborate and help teams be more productive from home. That’s why we’re introducing more collaboration and productivity apps to the Oculus Store on Quest later this year, including Immersed and Spatial.

Apps like these let people experiment with VR productivity solutions on their own—and for companies ready to scale larger, there’s still Oculus for Business to help you get there.

VR Gets More Seamless and Safe

We’re always working to make the VR experience more seamless and safe, including new ways for people to customize their Guardian system and be aware of their physical surroundings while using Quest. This week, we’re bringing new Guardian updates to Quest including Playspace Scan, which helps you detect and exclude objects in your Playspace during Guardian setup.

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