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Explore Tribeca’s Cinema360 Program in Oculus TV on Oculus Quest and Oculus Go

Yesterday, we released The Key—winner of the Storyscapes Award at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival—on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform. Today, our film festival news continues with the launch of Tribeca Film Festival’s Cinema360 program on Oculus TV for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go, available now through April 26.

Cinema360 features 15 VR films, curated into four programs covering science fiction, horror, romance, comedy, and more. The XR community is very much a global community, as evidenced by this program which features work from China, South Korea, Spain, and Ethiopia, just to name a few. It’s my hope that by providing these remarkable 360 films to a global audience during this trying time, we can do our part to bring people back together in the name of great art and shared perspectives.

Cinema360 Program 1: Dreams to Remember

These dreamlike experiences are journeys of adventure, from an immigrant worker’s poetic and alienating vision of his new home country, to the seemingly impossible first mission to an unexplored moon.

Follow the missions from launch all the way through to return, and find yourself gazing at lunar panoramas re-created from NASA’s archival photos.

Cinema360 Program 2: Seventeen Plus

Future classics in search of cults, this collection of mind-bending narrative experiences is designed for more mature audiences. A Safe Guide to Dying (World Premiere)—USA Project Creator: Dimitris Tsilifonis Key Collaborator: Froso Tsipopoulou Linus is on a journey to find painless ways to die inside a video game simulation that emulates sensory experiences. While experimenting with different suicide methods, he realizes he cannot log out.

Cinema360 Program 3: Kinfolk

Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir In VR (World Premiere)—USA, Ethiopia Project Creator: Ainslee A. Robson Key Collaborator: Liam YoungFerenj is a visual dialog between memory, reality, and the digital in an immersive memoir about Ethiopian-American mixed-race identity.

Cinema360 Program 4: Pure Imagination

But she’s determined to find a better way to commute. This 3D animated experience is made in partnership with Oculus VR for Good and Yellow Boat of Hope.

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