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‘Ghost Giant’ Brings a Small Story with Big Heart Home to Oculus Quest

Get ready to relive the whimsical childhood days of dioramas, picture books, and puzzles. From Zoink Games and Thunderful comes Ghost Giant, a charming narrative adventure with humor and heart—now available on Oculus Quest.

In development for roughly 18 months, Ghost Giant puts you in larger-than-life shoes and tasks you with helping a young cat named Louis as he navigates a storybook world. “In the prototype, Louis was actually a bat instead of a cat, and you'd save him from a couple of bullies,” explains Creative Director & Art Director Olov Redmalm.

We sat down with Redmalm to learn more about Ghost Giant and the path that brought it to Quest.

What was the inspiration behind Ghost Giant? How has the game changed over time?

Olov Redmalm: Early on, we talked about how awesome it would feel to enter the role of someone giant, taking care of a little guy who actually sees you and reacts to what you’re doing. In VR, you can really enter the game world in a different way, and we wanted to make the most of that.

For the style and setting of the world, we drew inspiration from building miniature cardboard towns as kids and immersing ourselves in them, wishing that the toys who inhabited them would spring to life.

What can you tell us about the game’s campaign?

OR: Ghost Giant is an emotional three- to five-hour-long puzzle and narrative-driven experience where you help the kid Louis around his daily life. You’ll help him with all sorts of things, from harvesting the sunflowers on his family’s farm to maneuvering cranes and throwing giant boulders. And sometimes, being a giant ghost with super powers just isn’t enough, and all you can do is to be there for someone.

What was it like working with Sara B. Elfgren?

OR: It was wonderful working with a skilled writer from the start of the project. We kept bouncing ideas for story and puzzles back and forth regularly, making sure the design didn’t clash with the narrative and vice versa. Sara always had strong ideas and opinions while at the same time being unsentimental about them, having no issues with cutting stuff that we just wouldn’t have time to do—well, almost no issues.

What influenced the overall look and feel of the game?

OR: We were influenced by the look and feel of a kid’s homemade toys, as well as our memories of building with Lego blocks and creating stories around that.

What’s your favorite part of the game and why?

OR: My favorite part, without spoiling too much, is when you get to play around with a cloud while Louis is holding on to it. I love trying out the game on people who’ve never tried VR before. They also try the weirdest stuff to solve puzzles—it’s great!

If people take one thing away from the game, what do you hope it would be and why?

OR: I hope people leave the headset with their hearts open and warm. You can keep being the Ghost Giant for people in the real world... minus the giant.

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- Step into Louis' world and break the wall between protagonist and player in a highly immersive VR story.
- Maneuver a unique diorama world by opening roofs, grabbing cars or rotating a whole house!

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