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Stress Level Zero Brings ‘Boneworks’ to the Rift Platform

A physics-driven puzzler and FPS, Boneworks was praised by UploadVR as “a stunning showcase of physical interaction that tests VR’s limits.” And today, it brings its unique blend of action, adventure, and intrigue home to the Rift Platform!

You’ll play as a virtual security director, investigating the inner workings of Monogon Industries and its AI operating system, Myth OS. The joy comes from your interaction with virtual objects, which requires you to really get into the game.

What was the inspiration behind Boneworks?

Alex Knoll: Boneworks’ physics-based foundation represents the culmination of everything we had learned and discovered in VR development throughout the years.

How long was the game in development?

Brandon Laatsch: I started on the player body two and a half years ago. The full team was on the project for almost two years. AK: From content outline until initial release was exactly one year to the day.

How has the game’s premise changed over time?

AK: Boneworks’ premise remained surprisingly intact throughout development; however, the content outline wasn’t completed until over a year into the development of the mechanics. Likewise, Boneworks’ premise leaves nearly endless branching opportunities to explore the Boneworks universe in future content.

Tell us a little about your research process. Were there any surprises along the way?

BL: Since there is very little VR-specific research pertinent to Boneworks, we had to draw parallels to other fields in order to find relevant information.

How did your previous work in VR help inform your work on Boneworks?

BL: Following Hover Junkers and Duck Season, we felt like we had a very clear vision of how to realize a VR game that mainstream gamers seemed to be holding out for.

Any cultural references players should be on the lookout for?

AK: We’re heavily inspired by music, films, other games, and media. References and external inspiration can be found in every corner of Boneworks.

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Advanced Experimental Physics: Designed entirely for consistent universal rules, the advanced physics mechanics encourage players to creatively interact with the virtual world.
BONEWORKS provides players with a plethora of physics based weaponry; guns, swords, axes, clubs, spears, hammers, experimental energy weapons, nonsensical mystery tools, and anomalous physics weapons.

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