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Quest & Quill: The Perfect Pairing for Valentine’s Day

At first blush, Valentine’s Day and virtual reality don’t appear to make an obvious coupling. But there’s a lot more to VR than cutting-edge gaming and entertainment. Now, you can share a new series of beautifully immersive animations with the ones you love with Oculus TV on Quest. Each vignette, made by hand using Quill, paints a unique story of love, friendship, and togetherness like only VR can, just in time to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a whole new way.

Using Quill, a VR animation and illustration tool, a community of artists came together to share their take on love that anyone can view and share with Oculus TV on Quest.

But to truly appreciate the work of these Quill artists, you’ll want to grab your Quest headset. To get started, open the Oculus TV app on Quest and find the section titled “Animated Love Stories.”

Throughout his career, he has worked on animated feature films, TV commercials, illustrated children’s books, and VR experiences.

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