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Behind the Scenes of ‘B-Team,’ Part 2 of 3

Last week, Twisted Pixel Games Senior Engineer Mike Henry gave us a look at B-Team’s campaign runner missions and Endless Runner mode. Today, our series on the game for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go continues with an overview of its shooter mode.

We started out by determining the general categories of weapons we wanted to have: a rapid-fire but low-damage weapon, a slow but high-damage weapon, one with some sort of explosive area effect, and another that could be used to stun an enemy so it couldn’t fire back at you, said B-Team Senior Engineer Mike Henry.

For the most part, we tried to make it so you could experiment and figure out the best weapons for each situation without too much of a punishment for getting it wrong, Henry said. There are very few enemies that flat-out require you to use a specific weapon against them. If you try to use the sniper rifle on groups of little swarmy guys, you’re immediately going to see how tricky that is, but if you’re a crack shot, you can pull it off. Then next time you fight them, if you have the blaster or the beam gun out, those guys will be vaporized before they can get close to you.

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