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Retro Revolution: ‘Synth Riders’ Adds Spin Mode, New Track With Free Update

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of Synth Riders, a freestyle dancing VR rhythm game. And today, Kluge Interactive is back with its biggest free update to the game yet—introducing Spin Mode, Play Profiles, and a brand new track. Check it out today on Oculus Quest or the Rift Platform.

The intensity of the spins range from mild to styled and wild, and thanks to a unique spin algorithm, spins are never random, so you can master specific maps and compete on the leaderboards or in multiplayer mode.

Players can choose from a selection of predefined profiles like Dance, Force, and Spin, or create and share their own unique combinations. Play Profiles can be played in the Multiplayer Mode, and each comes with its own scores thanks to a brand new filterable leaderboard system.

What technical challenges did you encounter while working on this update? How did you overcome those obstacles?

Justin Dopiriak: Surprisingly few; many of the problems I anticipated early on never materialized and the core mechanics came together rather quickly, which was fantastic in that it allowed us to spend a lot of time iterating on the design. There are other games in the genre that have implemented similar 360° modes, but they all share the same limitation of sticking to a small number of preset lanes, so I assumed there must be some major, unavoidable hurdles when attempting a true 360° implementation, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case after all.

That’s not to say there weren’t challenges—just that the big ones weren’t really technical in nature.

Which song is your favorite to play in Spin Mode?

AMB: It has to be “The End Of The Night” by Robert Parker. Always one of my favorite songs from the original Synth Riders’ “Synthwave Essentials” pack, and it has some truly beautiful 360+ spins.

AA: Definitely “From Hell” by Dance With The Dead, especially because of how well this map handles all of the spins based on its nature.

What kind of response have you seen while demoing Spin Mode?

Almost always in all caps, that was nice. You know you’re onto something when rational, professional adults are compelled to react with caps lock. AA: At the beginning, most of the beta testers got a little bit intimidated, especially because the Spin Mode adds at least 60% or more difficulty to each map compared to the linear map.

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

AMB: Often people seem surprised that repeat plays of the same song twice generates the same spin experience, but that is completely by design. We wanted this to be more than just a novelty or gimmick—we wanted a fun, different experience which people would want to pick up and play again, and that our competitive players would enjoy vying for top spots on the spin leaderboards!

AA: Something that we enjoyed a lot while testing the Spin Mode was the amount of things that we could do by generating or manipulating the songs in this way, so that also brought out a lot of other crazy ideas that we’ll explore in the future.

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