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VR for Good Series ‘Authentically Us’ Brings Trans* Visibility to Oculus TV

It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility, and we’re honoring the occasion with the release of Authentically Us on Oculus TV for Oculus Quest.

We designed Authentically Us on Oculus to help bring transgender people in our communities into our homes and lives, to see our common humanity and move toward understanding and acceptance, says filmmaker Jesse (Jesus) Ayala.

“The stories together show why transgender people should be able to live and work anywhere safely,” explains Ayala. “They also show how transgender people have always been a part of our communities. The stories we tell come from states where LGBTQ communities are rarely depicted in media: Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. As the United States comes together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with many federal and state governments stepping up to defend all their residents, it saddens me that the Idaho state legislature has passed not one, but a series of anti-transgender bills targeting the transgender community in a time of heightened vulnerability.”

As Ayala puts it: The series title Authentically Us reflects the three major goals of the project: to tell authentic stories from the transgender community, to show viewers how to become an ally, and that at their heart the stories are about us—the people from all walks of life who make up these United States.

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Oculus VR for Good: Authentically Us


Dec 13, 2019 by Oculus


The power of story comes to life in the film series “Authentically Us.” The VR experience enables audiences to walk alongside someone they may not have met in real life, opening up into new perspectives and challenges that people face. Created by Oculus VR for Good’s Creators Lab program in collaboration with the Pride Foundation, the series hopes to shed light on transgender issues for legislators and voters who may have never met a transgender person.