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Survive Supernatural Horrors in ‘Lies Beneath,’ Now Available on Oculus Quest

Lies Beneath, the latest release from Drifter Entertainment, will give even the bravest players a case of the willies. Like any top-shelf work of horror, it uses common anxieties — like a fear of the dark — to build a world of supernatural frights and mystery. We first explored the game in February, then dove deeper into the experience a few weeks ago, and today we’re thrilled to announce that Lies Beneath is available now Quest.

Set in the fictional town of Slumber, Alaska, Lies Beneath mashes the styling of vintage comic books with the white-knuckle action of first-person shooters. The result is a fast-paced adventure teeming with ghostly villains and comic book-style shootouts.

Steel your nerves and step into [Lies__Beneath] today on Quest.

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Lies Beneath Gameplay Trailer | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform


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