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Original VR Short ‘Myth: A Frozen Tale,’ from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Available Now on Oculus Quest

Step into a universe of mystery and magic with Myth: A Frozen Tale, a new VR short film set in the world of Frozen 2, out today on Oculus Quest. From Walt Disney Animation Studios, and featuring the voice talent of Evan Rachel Wood (Frozen 2), Myth is an immersive journey through Arendelle lore that blends traditional hand-drawn animation with the latest in VR technology.

Myth debuted at the world premiere of Frozen 2 in Hollywood, screened Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and was later nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Real-Time Project by the Visual Effects Society. Now, audiences all over the world can experience the new film for the first time at home on Oculus Quest.

How does VR help artists of all kinds tell new and different kinds of stories?

I think VR is incredible because it allows viewers to be a part of the story and step into it. Scale, proximity, flow, and light - they all feel different in VR than on a film on a screen. I think VR also challenges the sense of a traditional linear narrative.

What are the key differences when making films in VR versus more traditional mediums?

There are many technical differences between them; the approach to modeling, shading, effects, lighting, and animation is different. Shout out to Jose Gomez, Ed Robbins, Mike Anderson, Ian Coony, and Jorge Ruiz for pushing each part of the film to be amazing.

What are your thoughts on the future of VR as a tool for filmmakers and storytellers?

VR is powerful as a medium to “feel” film.

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Myth: A Frozen Tale | Oculus Quest


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Experience the world of Disney’s Frozen as never before with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated short film, Myth: A Frozen Tale.
Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2942600475808591/

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