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Nissan selects board of directors candidate


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s Nomination Committee yesterday selected Hideyuki Sakamoto as a candidate for the company’s board of directors, following the acceptance of current Vice-COO Jun Seki’s intention to resign.

Sakamoto, who as a Nissan executive officer and executive vice president is responsible for Manufacturing and SCM Operations and who previously as executive vice president was responsible for Product Engineering, has considerable experience and expertise in the company’s technology and manufacturing fields.

The Nomination Committee reported its selection at an extraordinary meeting of the company’s board of directors today. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said: “Nissan has been on a steady path to regain trust, restore the company’s performance and work on its business transformation, and is already seeing progress. Under the new top management, Nissan will continue to focus on these key areas, which remain our highest priority. The tasks at hand for Nissan are clear. Executives overseeing operations and functions are implementing ongoing projects, and I will continue to take the lead of new plans and projects that will be carried out together with COO Ashwani Gupta, director-candidate Sakamoto and the members of the Executive Committee.”

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