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“Sex Education” Creates a Safe Space to Tackle Tough Topics

When it debuted in 2019, Netflix original Sex Education was immediately lauded for its open and honest discussions about sex. The second season, which premiered worldwide on Jan. 17, continued to push the envelope, when one of the storylines centered around sexual assault.

“It certainly felt like we were doing something important,” Mackey said. “It's really important for young women, for just people to see that there is a system in place to help people who have experienced something similar.”

In the series, Mackey’s Maeve served as an important support system for Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) after she was sexually assaulted on a crowded bus in broad daylight. Nunn, who based the storyline on a similar personal experience, said the response to the storyline has been “overwhelmingly positive” since the new episodes premiered.

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Sex Education - A Conversation About Sexual Assault & Aimee's Bus Scene


Jan 26, 2020 by Netflix UK & Ireland


Sex Education is packed with laughs, but sitting right alongside the jokes there are powerful stories that need telling.
In this exclusive short film, Aimee Lou Wood and Patricia Allison, who play Aimee and Ola, are joined by the show creator Laurie Nunn and Everyday Sexism founder Laura Bates to talk about the powerful sexual assault storyline from season two.
Hear from each of them about their own experiences and why talking publicly about the issues raised is so important as we move to end the violence.
For help with any of the issues raised in this video please see below for a list of resources:
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