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Naughty Dog at GDC 2019

Game Developers Conference (GDC) will be kicking off on Monday, March 18 and developers from Naughty Dog will hosting talks, roundtables, and recruiting activities throughout the week! If you’re going to be in San Francisco and at the event, be sure to check out the schedule below to hear from our members of our team and learn more about our studio, our approach to development, and our open roles.

Design vs. Story: How 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Addressed the Elephant in the Room

Date & Time: Tuesday, 3/19 at 2:10pm | Location: Room 3016, West Hall | Speaker: Marianne Hayden – Story Animator Summary: Who wants to ride an elephant in a Naughty Dog 'Uncharted' game? Design at Naughty Dog often influences story, and story, design. Sometimes, the Naughty Dog team has a design idea so unusual and unique they find a way to incorporate it into the story no matter the complexity and cost. From background character to full, peaceful story moment, this talk covers the story and design evolution of the elephant ride in 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy'.

Multiplayer Roundtable Day 1

Summary: Multiplayer games are getting more complicated by the day, developers are starting to manage player counts in one session upwards of 100 players for some very popular modern games. In this roundtable session, attendees will talk about server development practices that range from small, non-intensive, simulations to large scale simulations with ever growing player counts.

Multiplayer Roundtable Day 2

Summary: In the 2nd roundtable session, participants will delve into development best practices. Topics include how programmers can more easily test code that requires many users, and what tools have developers made that give designers the power to make their gameplay scripts network aware?

Multiplayer Roundtable Day 3

Date & Time: Friday, 3/22 at 11:30am | Location: Room 207, South Hall | Speaker: Edward Pereira, Programmer Here attendees will discuss the multiplayer space as a whole. The discussion will go over the successes of the past, the current direction of the medium, and dig into what developers wish to see in the future.

Meet Our Recruiting Team

As always, keep an eye on and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest from the studio.

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