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Building a more sustainable world together

Each year on April 22, Earth Day is observed around the world by people, governments and organizations that acknowledge how important protecting the planet is and commit to creating a more sustainable future. In early 2020, Microsoft put a stake in the ground to accelerate our own sustainability journey by announcing our commitment to become carbon negative by 2030 and to reduce our historical emissions by 2050. Since then, we’ve also committed to become water positive, zero waste, build a Planetary Computer, and to protect more land than we use.

In addition, the report includes information about the work some of our partners are doing to sustainably transform their businesses, while utilizing technology including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Platform, data and AI to help other organizations achieve their sustainability goals as well.

Partner innovations drive more sustainable practices.

As a partner to the U.N. Microsoft has pledged to support the [United__Nations Sustainable__Development__Goals__(UN__SDGs)], a set of 17 initiatives adopted by member states in 2015, focused on impacting the world for good by 2030. As tech innovators and leaders, our partners are leveraging the Microsoft cloud, data science and AI, and working to drive environmental sustainability through exciting programs and solutions. Our #BuildFor2030 campaign highlights Microsoft partners whose technology solutions align with these Sustainability Development Goals and are powering a more inclusive economy.

Optimizing smart places for a more resilient future

[1] Many of the Microsoft-powered partner solutions featured in our #BuildFor2030 campaign are empowering customers to understand, minimize and manage the environmental impact of their own buildings and spaces:

Learn more about carbon, water and waste partner solutions in our new Sustainability for Smart Buildings e-guide.

Driving operational efficiencies and more responsible supply chain practices

Partners are also helping manufacturers and food producers gain operational efficiencies and influence more responsible supply chain practices:

Giving new life to older devices through the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program

Millions of PCs and other electronics are being repurposed through the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program, in which partners decommission and refurbish PCs and servers and install the latest Windows software.

To help support digital inclusion, MAR partners provide the refurbished PCs to non-profit organizations, businesses, schools and homes. Recently, a group of companies and non-profits in Hong Kong took part in the MAR program and provided computers that were once used in offices to students in need, enabling them to gain access to a device so they could learn from home more effectively.

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