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Ignite 2021: A resilient, reimagined future and next big ‘whoa’ moment

We all have moments when we realize the world got smaller and our imagination got bigger. I remember the first time I travelled internationally. I got on a plane in Cherry Point, North Carolina, fell asleep and woke up in Rota, Spain. The sense of age and time for the city, the food, the culture – it was something I’d never experienced before, and my perspective changed all at once. The flight had been a portal to a completely new world.

When I got my first cellphone, I went outside during lunch and called one of my friends from the car. “Guess where I’m calling from?” I said, not realizing how transformational that invention would become, that I could be present for someone, no matter where I was.

Again, technology helped me connect, be present in a way I hadn’t seen before.

Now more than ever, we need conferences like Microsoft Ignite

If this were any other year, right now we’d be holding our Microsoft Ignite tour events in person around the world. Instead, we’re hosting more than 150,000 technology leaders and practitioners virtually for a 48-hour event.

The challenges of this past year have forced these kinds of changes.

Step into a new reality with Microsoft Mesh

During today’s keynote, Alex Kipman revealed how we’re bringing mixed reality to collaboration through a first-of-its-kind immersive keynote experience, delivered through a new platform, Microsoft Mesh.

It is a mixed-reality platform that creates a real feeling of presence. They can interact with 3D content or with each other through Mesh-enabled apps across any platform or device.

The hybrid work world

As you will hear from Jared Spataro in his session, people often think of 2020 as the year work moved home. But in reality, it’s the year work moved to the cloud. In a hybrid world where people work from home, office and everywhere in between, we’ll need cloud-powered solutions to keep up.

Continued cloud innovation and control

Azure cloud services have become more important than ever to help companies survive and thrive in a constantly evolving world. While performance, reliability and security will always be the foundation of Azure, we’re also working to make the platform much more useful and powerful so our customers and partners can innovate with data.

Azure Percept will help customers build and manage edge AI solutions. We’re bringing more options to Azure Purview to help customers map and understand their data. Azure Communication Services now interoperates with Microsoft Teams.

Security is everyone’s priority

We’ve seen some unprecedented attacks lately and we know security is more critical than ever. Microsoft is always working to bring its two security superpowers together — our integrated end-to-end approach and our AI and automation capabilities — to tackle security from all angles, at scale. At Ignite, we’re announcing several new enhancements to empower users and organizations, and to protect devices and back-end systems.

Deliver great customer experiences

Together, Teams and Dynamics 365 offer a unified platform that ties together collaboration and business processes. At Microsoft Ignite, we will spotlight new integrations to enhance workflows across the organization, and new customer journey orchestration capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing to personalize every moment that matters for customers across all channels and touchpoints.

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Introducing Microsoft Mesh


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