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Empowering her empowers all of us

I started to realize my journey to empowerment at age 17, standing inside Mumbai airport for the first time in my life and getting ready to fly 8,000 miles away from home. After going through exit immigration, I turn around and could see my parents waving with tear-filled eyes. As I left, I reflected on how much of a leap of faith they had made.

Although it was almost inconceivable that a young Indian woman would leave her parents’ home so early to embark on such a far-flung adventure, my parents took a tremendous leap of faith and supported me. Their support and unwavering trust are what gave me the confidence to be independent and to step alone into a culture unlike any I had previously experienced, leaving behind family, friends and most of what was familiar at the time.

When women are empowered, society wins

Around the world, barriers continue to keep many women from fully realizing their potential. Conscious and unconscious biases place real and perceived boundaries on opportunities for girls and women. Traditional gender roles and societal expectations have kept women out of the workforce or redirected career paths.

These systemic barriers have heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely impacted roles predominantly filled by women, such as in the service sector, the arts and paid caregiving. Combined with school closures and limited childcare availability, many have had to make the hard choice of leaving the workforce, affecting women from marginalized communities at higher rates.

Start from a place of empathy

At Microsoft, we aspire to help people of all genders and backgrounds thrive and create the conditions for empowerment at moments that matter for our employees, customers, partners and communities.

We do this through our Women at Microsoft employee resources group, which organizes executive speaking events, mentorships, leadership development and skill-sharing programs. These efforts equip our employees to support each other and to empower our customers, partners and communities more effectively.

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