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I was in elementary school when I realized how much my life would be defined by the color of my skin. The math teacher was introducing us to the concept of probability. At the start of class, she wrote four numbers on the board. She asked us to guess what they represented – none of us had any idea. They were, she explained, life expectancies – those of a white woman, a white man, a Black woman, and a Black man, in descending order.

a dark practice that is an undeniable part of our human history ... human history ... Even with this backdrop, my belief is stronger than ever that we can and will change the dynamics that threaten, shorten and plague the lives of Black people and people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds. While the losses of this past year are incalculable, it was a year that also brought an awakening – an enhanced understanding that we are all humans; a growing recognition that overt racism, systemic discrimination and unconscious bias are omnipresent, must be dealt with head on and cannot be relegated to “the past.” We also see a widening conviction that change must, and will only, come from our actions, our words, our vigilance and our deeds.

Glimmers of change are all around us: people of every race, origin and color coming together to advocate for equal rights. Leaders, not just Black leaders, but leaders of every type and station, from individuals to institutions taking action to eradicate race-based inequality. We are making Black history ...

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